Urbean Cafe - Work Force Development

The Urbean Cafe work force development program provides hands-on, real-world work experience, and the life skills people need to succeed.

The unemployment rate for Ohio citizens transitioning from incarceration to community is a staggering 25-40% compared with the current rate of about 4.7% for the general population. The Urbean Cafe plays a vital role in addressing this challenge by creating a unique workforce development model that includes every aspect of work force readiness - training, hands-on experience and accountability - while supporting local Ohio vendors. 

Akron Metro - Urbean Cafe

Located at The Robert K. Pfaff Metro Transit Center in Akron, Ohio, the Urbean Cafe supports local vendors and serves nearly 600 people each day. Travelers can choose from a diverse menu including our own locally roasted Urbean Cafe coffee. 

Contributing to the Local Economy

Our award-winning Urbean Cafe work force development program is a successful social business venture that has contributed more than $4 million* back to the local economy since 2011, celebrating its five-year anniversary on July 1, 2015. 

The People

The Urbean Cafe program is overseen by Broken Chains Ministry business manager, John Wiseman, and employs eight of our clients including cafe management staff.*

“I lost a job through some problems, a job I had for 18 years…the Urbean Cafe has helped to stabilize my life.”
—  Tide

Since 2011 helped more than 50 people:

  • Gain reliable employment

  • Establish consistent income

  • Establish and maintain credit

  • Restore self worth and purpose

  • Develop skills needed for other employment opportunities

“As part of being on parole, a requirement is to have a job. I did not have any idea how that was going to work out, but obviously, God did.”
—  Joy, Urbean Cafe Manager

Clients Learn:

  • Time and business management skills

  • Budget, money handling and accounting skills

  • Customer service skills

  • Conflict resolution and team building skills

  • Organizational skills

“When I came to Broken Chains Ministry, not only did they help me with a job, but they became like family to me…a better family than I had ever had.”
— Laura

Successful Clients Make a Difference Through: 

  • Payment of restitution, including fines, court costs and child support

  • Contribution to federal, state and local income taxes

  • Securing and maintaining housing

  • Renewal of identification, drivers license, auto insurance and vehicle purchase

  • Support of local grocers, retailers, utility services, insurance providers and more

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*As of October 2019