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Our home office is located within the Summit County Jail.

P.O. Box 502
Akron, OH 44309

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Leadership Team

Rev. Dennis Shawhan, Executive Director, Broken Chains Ministry
330-472-1166 (mobile)

Dennis Shawhan founded Broken Chains Ministry (BCM) in 2004 after serving as an ordained minister within the Summit County Jail for six years. With his wife Tamela (a mentor and Chaplain), Dennis spearheads the mentoring, faith-centered programs, and reentry initiatives for the ministry including collaboration with the judicial system, local law enforcement, community service organizations and corporate sponsors. His work includes service as a Chaplain, client mentor and advocate, as well as sponsorship, grant-program and event coordinator.

Rev. John Wiseman, Business Manager, Broken Chains Ministry
330-607-6003 (mobile)

An ordained minister since 1994, John Wiseman joined BCM in 2007 after serving as a Chaplain in the Summit County Jail for 25 years. Initially joining the team as project coordinator and Chaplain, John was named business manager for the organization in 2012. John oversees the continued success of Urbean Café and its workforce development program, a program that provides hands-on, real world work experience and life skills training for BCM clients. An unprecedented success for both clients and community, Urbean Café has contributed $3 million dollars* to the local economy since 2011.

Kurt Cox, Chaplain, Broken Chains Ministry

A retired member of the U.S. Coast Guard with a master’s degree in Divinity from Liberty University, Kurt joined the BCM team as a full-time Chaplain in 2012. He formerly served the community as a volunteer mentor and as a Summit County Juvenile Corrections Officer. Kurt’s work at BCM includes service as a Chaplain, volunteer coordinator, client mentor and advocate.

The BCM Team

In addition to Dennis, John and Kurt, the BCM team includes a four-member board of directors, Chaplains Tamela Shawhan and Kerri Runion, volunteer mentors and prayer partners. Our ministry is supported by corporate sponsors, faith-centered and community service organizations, private donors, area foundations and local law enforcement. 

*As of July 2018