Join Broken Chains Ministry for National Make a Difference Day, Oct. 24

Make plans now to join Broken Chains Ministry for the 24th national Make a Difference Day on Oct. 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Volunteers will gather at 431 Massillon Road in Akron, the location of the first house purchased as part of BCM’s new home ownership program.

“One of the barriers our clients face when returning to the community is finding affordable, quality housing in decent neighborhoods,” said Dennis Shawhan, executive director of Broken Chains Ministry. “Through our new home ownership program, we are now able to offer successful clients an opportunity to purchase a home which is truly life changing.”

This is the first of many homes the organization hopes to purchase as part of the home ownership program. Applicants must meet strict qualifications including full payment of any fines, restitution, and fulfillment of probation or parole. Each application must also be pre-qualified for a mortgage, and be able to provide a down payment.

“When successful participants move through our work force development program, they sustain employment, and by doing so they are able to establish a work history and credit,” Shawhan said. “This helps set them up for success including home ownership.” 

For more information or to contact BCM, email us via our Contact page.

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